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Real Estate Consultants

CITYSCAPE Investment and Property Services S.A. has successfully earned its outstanding reputation as the premier real estate company in Greece for corporate, commercial, residential and leisure properties, servicing clients in Greece and abroad.

Tenant Representation

CITYSCAPE has extensive experience on the Athens market in dealing with complicated premise requirements, lease agreements and negotiations. CITYSCAPE has regularly acted on behalf of multinational corporations in leveraging real estate transactions on their behalf and is trained in their particular procedures which differ from local Greek companies. CITYSCAPE’s role as sole representative to the […]

Owner Representation

CITYSCAPE has extensive experience on the Athens market in dealing with office premises supply-and-demand, real estate requirements and trends as well as complicated lease agreements and negotiations. As the sole representative of a property, CITYSCAPE leads and manages the intricate real estate process on behalf of the property’s owner. CITYSCAPE proactively works the market by […]

Retail Expansion & Tenant-Mix Advisory

CITYSCAPE has extensive experience in retail expansion and tenant-mix advisory. Having identified and secured hundreds of commercial properties throughout the nation to both local and cross-border brands as well as advising and successfully 100% pre-letting Greece’s first large-scale shopping malls, CITYSCAPE can assist in helping retailers make the most of their brand names in respect […]

Property Valuations & Appraisals

The appraisal process is a systematic procedure designed to estimate the highest and best possible use of a property to ultimately determine the value of that use. At CITYSCAPE, we believe that every valuation must be prepared by a qualified, high-caliber professional team specializing in what is considered to be the most highly-specialized profession within […]

Development Consultancy & Property Market Research

CITYSCAPE’s ongoing research efforts, high volume of transactions and compilation of up-to-the-minute market information and reliable data provide for a thorough understanding of real estate market trends and the basis for accurate reports and sound advice. CITYSCAPE is equipped with this substantiated market knowledge in order to provide informative and creative solutions or opportunities to […]

Residential Brokerage Services

Each client is unique, as is each real estate property. Choosing a home to rent or to buy, to let or to sell are equally arduous and time-consuming tasks and CITYSCAPE understands that residential brokerage means a perfect match! With over 25 years of experience, CITYSCAPE’s residential department deals exclusively in high-end properties such as […]

Corporate Brokerage Services

After successfully and regularly servicing a multitude of both Greek and multinational companies as well as numerous property owners, CITYSCAPE has the experience and knowledge to solve intricate real estate challenges. CITYSCAPE is active on the market on a consistent basis and is familiar and up-to-date with the type of transactions realized daily. Drawing on […]



CITYSCAPE’s passionate commitment to raising industry standards and providing client service excellence has distinguished the company as one of the leading real estate service providers in Greece.


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