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Legal Disclaimer & Policy

CITYSCAPE SA offers its website as an electronic platform to showcase and communicate the company’s services, activities and general information as per the local and global real estate market.

Users and visitors to  are obliged to read the terms and conditions of use prior to website use in order to safeguard themselves and to avert unlawful use of the website. Access to and use of the website is to be construed as the unconditional acceptance of these general terms and conditions of use as described below:


  1. The general terms and conditions of use govern all use of the website by users.
  2. Users enter electronically and use this website voluntarily, on their own initiative and at their own risk and responsibility.
  3. Users affirm that they have read, understood and with no reserve have accepted all the terms and conditions hereof and that they comply with the rules of Greek and international law specifically to the provisions of telecommunications legislation. Furthermore, users declare that they refrain and will refrain from any unlawful and wrongful use of the website. Where a user uses the website in context to their professional capacity or position of employment in a specific organization or other entity, they acknowledge that they are the lawful representative of that body and are empowered to accept these terms in the name of that entity. The user is responsible for informing any other parties within that said organization about these terms and for ensuring that the other parties comply with these terms.
  4. Users are responsible for their own access to the website and are exclusively responsible for their personal equipment featuring the necessary technology to enable access the website. CITYSCAPE SA bears no liability to any damage to user equipment, software, files or anything else caused by malevolent and damaging elements such as worms, bots, viruses, Trojan horses, etc. and does not warrant that the website or any related website or servers via which they are made available to users shall be provided free of damaging elements.
  5. The information contained in this website exists as it stands with no direct nor indirect warranty or guarantee and that both the website and the information contained is used at the user’s own accountability and the user fully accepts this. The content of this website does not constitute financial, legal or other advice and CITYSCAPE SA bears no liability for the manner in which the website and/or the information is used by users. CITYSCAPE SA bears no liability for any loss incurred by users from using the website and the information contained in it in any manner.
  6. The content of this website may include corporate names, corporate logos, trademarks, trade names, text, images in the form of photos, graphics, pdf documents, etc. which are protected by provisions of both Greek and international intellectual property laws. Their publication and appearance on the website is not to be taken in any way as a transfer, concession or right to commercially use them or in any manner the right of use by the users to these intellectual property rights. In any instance, any omission, reproduction, imitation or general display of all or part of the above-mentioned elements, in any format or medium, without CITYSCAPE SA’s prior written consent and constitutes an illegal, criminal and unlawful act which is strictly prohibited and all sanctions specified in the applicable legislation will be imposed.
  7. CITYSCAPE SA reserves the right to amend, exclude or discontinue temporarily or terminally all or part of the website with or without notice to users. Furthermore, the company does not pledge that the pages, services, options and content of the website will be provided without interruption and without errors and that any errors will be corrected.
  8. CITYSCAPE SA reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions herein at its discretion. The company will inform users in these instances throughout the use of notices to such amendments posted on the website. The continued use of the website after such notice constitutes the user’s agreement and acceptance of the stated amendments. Users are urged to refer to and read these terms and conditions at regular intervals in order to safeguard their knowledge of them and in order to act in accordance to the latest version.
  9. These terms and conditions and any modification to them is governed by Greek law and will be interpreted in good faith and in accordance to code of ethics.